Lux List// August i

Another month has come and gone. Can you believe we’re in the middle of August already? Every month I find I have a few things i’m loving, not so much loving and thinking. Does anyone have their rituals and routines? This is the page where I sum up  my month’s little quirks. Here are my current obsessions and habits at the moment…

Copious amounts of green tea has been consumed this month.

Copious amounts of green tea has been consumed this month.

READING: Gabi Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. I have read it before and it truly did work wonders in my life. It is a 6-week guide to happiness based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. I am excited to see what unfolds during the next 6 weeks.

WRITING: content for this blog (yay!).

LISTENING: My current song on repeat, that I just can’t seem to skip is by an Aussie duo Wolf Tide, titled Spoke the Words– I just can’t get enough of those ethereal vocals! Worth checking out 🙂

THINKING: I hope this blog will get followers and what will people think of me.

SMELLING: My housemate’s Pumpkin Soup! It is wafting through the apartment and I cannot wait for dinner to eat it! And all vegan too!

WISHING: I didn’t skip my yoga class yesterday. The cold definitely got the better of me.

HOPING: The real estate from my old unit does not charge bucket loads for the new carpet they have to lay down in the bedroom (fingers crossed!).

WEARING: I am loving my good old denim jacket this month, it is doing a great job at keeping out the winter chills. The denim jacket is actually my mum’s from when she was my age!

WANTING: Summer back.

CONSIDERING: getting a colonic. Yeah that should clean me out  from such unhealthy winter comfort eating! What are your thoughts?

MAKING: Vegie Head’s Mussaman Curry. Easy, vegan and delicious!

EATING: Greek Salad. I am obsessed, I get it every lunch break at work. The dressing is so yummy.

DRINKING: Green Tea. Green Tea. Green Tea. Healthy and warm.

WASTING: time watching by still watching Pretty Little Liars.

ENJOYING: the fact that I renewed my yoga membership and I am getting back into it.

WAITING: for the right time, which I am learning there is no such thing.

REGRETTING: not saying how I really felt.
PLANNING: what to do with my hair! Should I dye it or leave it au naturale?

FEELING: Lonely. Yep, I said it.

KNOWING: that this cold apartment I just moved into will be amazing when the weather warms up!

LOVING: The BOSE ipod dock that my old housemate gave me. It goes so loud!

NEEDING: to say how I really feel, what I really want and need, instead of always being worried to be myself and scared of what people will think of me.

What have you been up to this month?