Travelling in your own country

When we plan our travels, they always seem to be to some foreign land across the ocean (or border) and never in our country or part of the world. We dream of seeing far flung places and immersing ourselves in the history and culture of these unfamiliar places. Why don’t we ever make the time to take a trip in our own country and learn more about the history and culture of the place we call home?

I just finished a trip in my own country (Australia) and I have learnt many things. I posed the question as to why they didn’t travel their own country to my friends and the most common answers were: ‘it will always be here’, ‘i’ll explore it when i’m older’ and ‘I don’t really have any desire to see it’. These same answers rang true for me.

A beautiful Australian sunrise

A beautiful Australian sunrise

I think there are many things we can learn from travelling in our own country and I have listed some below;

You learn about the culture and history of the place you call home

Travelling around your own country teaches you about the past and the struggles and highlights of your ancestors. I found that what I was taught in school is only a 1/8 of the reality that made Australia what it was today and that some information I was told was incorrect. Remember this: history you are taught is/was always written by the winners.

You meet fellow Australians (or Country of Origin)ย 

Meeting people who share the same ‘home’ as you makes you realise how diverse the people

You appreciate what makes your country, your country more

The little nuances and culture such as saying ‘no worries’, being easy-going and the food!

You gain a greater understanding of how politics and laws affect your country

Different laws for different states, I never really appreciated or understood this until I was confronted with the alcohol laws in the Northern Territory.

You see just how diverse your country really is

I mean, desert, rain-forests, concrete jungles, oceans, white sand, gorges and the wildlife!

It is interesting to hear what others think of your country

My mind was open and beleifs about my own country were challenged. I learnt so much about the place I call home and didn’t realise actually how beautiful Australia is and how the indigenous culture shapes our identity.

Uluru in the Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru in the Northern Territory, Australia

Next time I plan a trip, I am going to think more about my own neck of the woods and places I haven’t been yet.

Have you taken a recent trip in your country?

What are your thoughts on travelling in your own country?

I would love to hear about it in the comments!




Stay posted for my trip to the Northern Territory, Australia.