Teg’s List// April 2015

As I look past on previous lists, I see how some things have changed and how some things have not. Do you find autumn to be a time of reflection? I am reminded that nature’s cycles are mirrored in our lives. Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden. Although activity thrives during the autumn and winter, too, there’s a different aura present. One can think about her endeavors — why she attempted them, and where they’ve brought us.
READING: I just finished reading Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl and it served as a powerful reminder, that us women are all different and we each have our own personal struggles and that we shouldn’t judge or dis-empower each other, but instead, lift each other up. It also made me laugh HARD! A great lesson in the fact that we are all so weird, which was refreshing.
WRITING: A report on recruitment and selection for my Human Resource subject at university. I go here.

LISTENING: I am absolutely digging Purity Ring, anything and everything they release is pure, pure gold. Give them a listen. Oh darling, begin again, begin again, begin again!

THINKING: I need to start buying some winter clothes. Every year I am always asking myself the same question: How did I ever survive last winter clothes wise!?

SMELLING: My oil burner, tonight I have pure sage oil burning, Warming and refreshing!

WISHING: I would start eating more healthy and listen to my body.

HOPING: No-body died in the Kathmandu earthquake!!

WEARING: These babies: jeans, top, coat and socks! Cosy and cute!

WANTING: I would like a never ending cup of tea please and thank you.

CONSIDERING: What to wear tonight?
MAKING: plans for dinner. Drinks and dinner with my sister! YAY!

EATING: I’m currently loving corn fritters like these with poached eggs! Cheap and yummy!

DRINKING: STILL DRINKING: Green Tea. Green Tea. Green Tea. Healthy and warm.

WASTING: as per usual, time.

ENJOYING: getting shit done!

WAITING: for my friend from the USA to visit! So excited! We are off to Uluru, on an awesome adventure!

REGRETTING: holding my tongue.
PLANNING: My trip to Malaysia (more on that later!). I m so lucky to be able to escape the winter for a month!

FEELING: A little empty? I don’t know what is missing, on the inside.
KNOWING: I need to put in more effort to my university work and that I HAVE to move my body more.

LOVING: my family. They are always there for me.NEEDING: to SPEAK UP for myself.

Something i’m starting to bring as a parameter of doing things in my life is that I am asking if the certain thing will add value to my life. If so, (and it feels right), I will proceed, if not, I will retreat.


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