Morning Music

We all have had our struggles with waking up in the morning, and for me, hitting snooze has become a morning habit. This results in losing sacred morning time and starting my day rushed, ungrounded and not doing the self-love rituals I have set for myself,  such as oil pulling and meditation.

I  have decided to implement a simple practice to make waking up a sweeter process by changing my alarm to uplifting, soulful music instead of the harsh DING DING DING of my old alarm. I find that I don’t hit snooze anymore but rather lay in bed for a minute or so and listen to the song and then put my feet on the ground and get up.

Here are a few of my favourite morning alarm tracks:

Emmylou- Vance Joy (or something more upbeat, like Riptide)

Spoke the Words- WolfTide

Wear Sunscreen- Baz Luhrmann

Celebrate- Empire of the Sun

High Priestess- Active Child

Ong Namo- Snatnam Kaur

Something Good- Alt J

Any track from Rufus

This simple act, really changes the way I wake up in the morning + flows through to the rest of my day.

What plays on your morning alarm? What is your waking up practice like, please share below.



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