Lyrical Feelings

If you are a part of the new age/ spiritual/ self-help/ cosmic community (or even if you are not), you may have come across the woman/goddess that is Danielle Laporte. She is the creator of a program/ way of life called Desire Mapping.

Desire Mapping involves getting clear on how you actually wanted to FEEL in your life, rather than what you want. It is the process of letting your feelings consciously guide your day (life). As a result, decisions will be made easier, you will be more optimistic and life will just be plain better (read more here).

Danielle recently sent out a call to action that involved getting poetical, abstract + lyrical to discover your Core Desired Feelings. Below, is my adaptation. Come loosen up with me?

I want my day to feel like a leaf blowing effortlessly with the wind.

I want kissing to feel like fireworks and eating a juicy sweet cherry tomatoes that burst.

I want my next success to feel like how Cristiano Ronaldo would have felt when he signed his latest contract.

I want my body to feel like a beacon of buzzing light + strong, yet agile like a gazelle.

I want smiling to feel like the world stops for a moment.

I want my friendships to feel like an eternal sleepover at one am with endless chocolate, green tea, laughter and like my diary, where I can safely unload my mind.

I want my nervous system to feel like  a flowing magnetic river who knows what is up.

I want my neighbourhood to feel like a movie set in Hawaii combined with a sleepy beach townn

I want my home to feel like the sun is always warming it up for me and that Martha Stewart had just made dinner.

I want my integrity to feel as easy flowing down a stream and as grounded + strong as the Queen.

I want my money-making to feel as satisfying and deserving as picking a harvest of veggies after planting and nourishing the seeds last season.

I want my word to feel like trust, truth and good vibrations.

I want my laughter to feel like a volcano erupting chocolate and rainbows.

I want my mornings to feel like Melissa Ambrosini’s do every day. Purposed, grateful, healthy, getting shit done.

I want the end of the day to feel like a well-fed, content, satisfied child ready for bed but not wanting to go.

I want being of service to feel like I’ve just petted, groomed and fed 20 hungry and neglected doggies and now they are wagging their tails, smiling and drooling.

I want my challenges to feel like a cat trying to jump onto an obscure object, falling off then getting trying again to succeed.

I want my love to feel like a scuba diver discovering the depths of the unknown ocean yet like an astronaut dancing with the stars.

I want my writing to feel like the quality of a million count sheets, raw and crunchy like a carrot and flowing like a long skirt in the wind.

I want my ideas to feel like a goal and the aftermath of the supporters cheers.


How do you want it all to feel?







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